Must Know Tips To Prepare Something Before Long Distance Moving

Tips for Simplifying A Long Distance Move


Taking the time to plan your move carefully will help you avoid pitfalls along the way. You need to take the differences between a local move and a long-distance move into account during the pre-moving process. Whether you’re planning your first ever long distance move, or simply need to ensure your next goes off as planned. These tricks of the trade will help make your upcoming long-distance move smoother.


During a long distance move, items will be handled by multiple teams of workers and riding in a truck across a large stretch of miles and a long period of time. Make sure that everything you pack is well cushioned inside the box. Try to assure that each box is packed to the top and that nothing is loose. Containers inside boxes should be well sealed, taking into account your boxes may be turned on their side or even upside down at some point.  This also means you’ll need to buyhi-quality moving boxes instead of used gas station boxes or other low-grade alternatives. If you wouldn’t pack a certain way for long term storage, don’t pack that way for a long distance move.


Color code boxes and furniture.

Buy different colored packing tape, and in addition to clearly labeling each box with a marker, designate a color for each room in your new home (keep this legend in your move binder and give a copy to your movers). Red for the master bedroom, for example, green for the kitchen and yellow for the bathroom. This makes it easy for you and the movers to quickly determine what box goes where in your new space.

Create a detailed packing inventory.

Create a separate log for each room. As you pack each box, assign it a number (like Master Bedroom #1) and create a list of what’s inside each. You don’t have to get down to the nitty gritty detail, but do be specific enough that someone who doesn’t know what’s inside will have a good idea what to do with them. For example: Small Kitchen Appliances (coffee maker, immersion blender, spiralizer, coffee grinder) or Guest Bathroom Linens (shower curtain, rug, cream towel set and sink accessories).



Save money on your long distance move

Considering that the average cost of a long distance move is around $4,300 (move distance: 1,225 miles; shipment weight: 7,400 lbs.), you must do everything in your power to reduce your moving expenses.

To save money on your long distance move should be your top priority!

  • FIND affordable cross-country movers by requesting free long distance moving quotes and comparing their moving rates and services.
  • REDUCE the number of items you’re moving to a minimum – no need to pay for the transportation of things you’ll never use again.
  • PACK UP your things on your own to save from not having to pay professional packers. Ask friends to help you pack if you’re running short on time.

Change your home utilities

It’s important to know how to plan a long distance move in order to avoid problems – unpacking in the dark, for instance – when you arrive in the new house or apartment.

That’s right, you’ll definitely want to change your home utilities before moving out.

  • THINK about whether you’ll need all of the utilities you’re enjoying at the moment – electricity, water and sewage, gas, Internet, cable TV, telephone, waste removal, etc.
  • CONTACT your utility companies to arrange for the disconnection of your current utilities. Do it roughly 3 weeks prior to your move-out date.
  • GET IN TOUCH with the new utility providers in the destination town or city and schedule the timely activation of your new-home utilities.


Hire professional movers.

Hiring professional movers often ensures the most high-quality move. Professional movers will load your belongings carefully, drive the truck across town, and unload items in the appropriate room in your new home. Full-service movers are able to provide things to make the move go smoothly that you may overlook. They can secure necessary parking permits, are equipped with gear such as furniture pads and dollies to protect your items and make transporting them simpler, and can disassemble and reassemble your furniture so you do not have to yourself.

The costs of moving add up, but there are some ways you can cut corners to help the cross-country move be as affordable as possible.  Do some work on the front end to eliminate moving extra items you don’t really need, be prepared so you spend less cash on food and drinks on the drive, and let movers take care of the rest.


More tips for moving out-of-state with a trailer

  • Make sure everything is secure to avoid shifting and sliding.
  • Choose gas stations that are easy to pull your trailer through.
  • Practice backing up and making wider turns to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure to get optional insurance to cover any damage.
  • Slow down over speed bumps and curbs.
  • Secure the door with a pad-lock to deter thieves.
  • Think about temperature-sensitive items before you leave.
    • Winter – Liquid items stored back there can freeze easily.
    • Summer – Items can melt or com-bust under excessive heat.

Take some time to think it over, and choose the option that best fits your needs and your budget.

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